Suing For A Work Injury Not Covered By Work Compensation

If you are injured in the workplace,you deserve compensation. Fortunately,most workers are covered by workers compensation insurance. The problem here is that the compensation you get might not always be commensurate with the degree of injuries you sustained. In fact,there are times you should consider suing for a work injury not covered by workers comp. Below are some situations where you can sue your employer or a third party depending on the circumstances.

Injury by Defective Product

If you were injured by a piece of equipment or machinery that is defective,the manufacturer of that equipment is legally responsible for the injury. This is particularly true if the said machine is defective,does not work property or is dangerous. In this case,you can sue the manufacturer for lost income,physical pain and mental anguish.

Injury Caused By Toxic Substances

Exposure to toxic substances in the workplace can lead to injuries or serious illness. Substances like asbestos,radium,benzene,silica and chromium compounds can lead to serious medical conditions and even disability. If you are adversely affected by any of the substances above,you can institute a lawsuit against the company responsible for your condition. This is called a toxic tort lawsuit and you need an expert in torts to handle the case for you.

Third Party Injuries

There are cases when an employee is injured on the job but the employer cannot be held liable. This usually happens when a third party causes the injury. In this case,you have no legal grounds to sue the employer but you can sue the culpable third party directly.

Additional Compensation

There are times you get the official compensation but it turns out to be grossly inadequate. In such a scenario,the victim can still sue for additional claims if he or she deems the compensation inadequate. In this case,an experienced personal injury law firm takes up the case and the court will hear the lawsuit on its own merit.

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