Liposuction In Atlanta

If you’ve ever seen a picture of what a full tummy tuck entails, you know that it involves significant abdominal incision and a significant amount of downtime. In most cases, you may also need liposuction as well. The unfortunate part is that a lot of people who need this procedure do not have the means to afford it.

That’s why cosmetic surgery must be pre-approved by your insurance company, even if you cannot afford it. Insurance companies require certain procedures to be medically necessary and elective surgeries to be elective, according to their policy guidelines. As a result, liposuction is not typically covered when you have a surgical procedure like this done. However, the good news is that it is completely optional. You can use your insurance to pay for other types of procedures. For more information about Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Dr R Morgan Davoudi and the Atlantic Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Atlanta GA call (770) 817-9999.

When you get a tummy tuck in Atlanta, the doctor will make an incision around your navel. The excess skin and fat are then removed through this incision. The excess skin and fat are then reattached on the area where the incision was made. You’ll then be able to go home and wait for your scars to heal. Your procedure usually takes around three hours to perform.

When you go to get your procedure done, you should be prepared to give several weeks for the recovery process to begin. Liposuction takes a little longer to heal and you may end up having to take anti-inflammatory medication while you’re healing. It’s also possible that you will have to take some time off of work as well, depending on which procedure you have done. Talk to Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Dr R Morgan Davoudi at the Atlantic Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery today.

Depending on the doctor and on your own medical conditions, you might have to follow a few guidelines while you are recovering from a liposuction. After your procedure, you should avoid lifting any sort of weight. In addition, it’s important to refrain from drinking alcohol for several days after your procedure is done. If you’re not able to avoid ingesting alcohol altogether, you should be aware of the risks associated with alcohol and ask your doctor about any potential side effects that you might face by drinking it.

Many doctors in the Atlanta area can perform a Tummy Tuck at the same time that you get your procedure done. Because it’s such a popular procedure, it is likely that several doctors in the area can help you with referrals and recommendations. If you live in the Atlanta area, your surgeon should be able to tell you whether or not they have a doctor that specializes in tucks. In the event that they do, it’s always a good idea to check their reputation before committing to them.

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