Benefits of Staying in Corporate Serviced Apartments

Why business trips are much easier when you’re staying in a corporate serviced apartment.

If you’re often on business trips, you probably have already tried staying in various types of accommodation. For your next trip, consider serviced apartments. Business executives and even travelers love the advantages of staying in a corporate serviced apartment in Singapore. Here are some of them that you should experience yourself. 


Once you’re outside of your hotel room, everything remains a shared space. Add to that the cleaning staff that comes to your unit daily. A serviced apartment offers more privacy as housekeeping services are reduced, all while still ensuring that everything is kept clean for you. You can call the staff anytime you need assistance, so you no longer have to worry about them knocking at an inconvenient time. You’re at a place that you can call your home away from home as you no longer have to go through the formalities associated when checking in a hotel room. 


Serviced apartments are a lot more spacious than a typical hotel room. You can enjoy the benefits of having fully-equipped kitchen, living, dining, bath, and bed areas. Everything you’ll ever need to make your stay as convenient as possible is within your reach. If you’re bringing your family with you, you can do so confidently. You’ll still have your own space for rest and quiet time, while everyone is also indulging in their own activities. If you want to invite friends or extended family members, you can choose adjacent units. All this can be tough to achieve in typical hotel settings, but with serviced apartments, you call the shots. 


If you’re looking for good-quality sleep, the beds in serviced apartments won’t disappoint. Chances are you’ll have a hard time getting out of bed with the softest bed linen and cuddliest pillows. Aside from your fully-furnished unit, you can also enjoy the facilities similar and perhaps even better than those offered in hotels. You can meditate in the garden, head to the gym, relax in the jacuzzi, go for a swim, or even play tennis. if you need supplies, you also wouldn’t have to go far. Serviced apartments are usually located close to shopping malls and groceries. Your apartment may even have them in the building! 


Serviced apartments in Singapore, either short term or long term, offer flexibility that you won’t be able to find in hotels. You can cook your meals, do your laundry, or invite people in for a meeting. You won’t feel limited due to hotel rules, but at the same time, you’ll still feel secure and taken care of. You can call the reception anytime you need any help.


If you’re hesitating to book a five-star hotel due to price, then you have all the more reasons to book a corporate serviced apartment. You get luxury accommodation without having to spend a fortune. Even if you’re working on a limited budget, chances are high you’ll get a unit booked, especially if you’re looking at Singapore serviced apartments for a long term.

Corporate serviced apartments are fast gaining popularity due to several reasons. They offer the luxury you’ll find in a hotel and the flexibility you’ll get in an Airbnb unit. Once you try it, chances are high you’ll keep looking for it for all your future business travels.

4 Qualities of a Trusted Aesthetic Doctor

Here are four qualities of a trusted aesthetic doctor in Singapore that you should look out for.

Whether you want to enhance your skin quality or get rid of your acne scars, choosing an aesthetic doctor in Singapore can sometimes be as overwhelming as the skin problems you are facing. Simplify your search and find the right person by considering these four qualities of a trusted aesthetic doctor.

1. Well-skilled and experienced

Choose a doctor who has extensive experience in various aesthetic treatments. He or she must be fully accredited in performing effective and safe non-invasive procedures that can help you achieve a more natural improvement in your skin condition. Acne & acne scar management, eye rejuvenation, face contouring, pigmentation removal, skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening are the most common aesthetic treatments.

During your appointment, don’t hesitate to ask the doctor key questions such as the following:

  • Are you certified to perform this treatment?
  • How many times have you done this treatment?
  • How long have you been doing this procedure?
  • Are there any side effects of this procedure?
  • Will there be any post-treatment care?

A well-skilled and experienced aesthetic doctor will be patient enough to answer all your questions. If he doesn’t, it’s a sign to look elsewhere.

2. Has strong communication skills

Besides extensive experience, having strong communication skills is one of the most important qualities of a trusted aesthetic doctor. During an appointment or a consultation, he or she must be able to talk to you easily and comfortably. Also, he or she should be able to give you medical advice that best suits your aesthetic needs.

A good aesthetic doctor likewise has strong communication skills when he listens attentively to patients, explains the treatment clearly and avoids using technical terms that may confuse patients, and maintains an approachable relationship.

This trait is necessary so that you, as a patient, will feel more safe, comfortable, and willing to share information that could impact the solution to your skin problem.

3.  Always makes time for you

You don’t want a doctor that is always in a rush. It will just frustrate you and make you feel that you are not being taken care of. That’s why it is important to rely on an aesthetic doctor in Singapore who will make time for consultation, follow-ups, and treatments despite their busy schedule. Having this kind of doctor will guarantee you that you’ll get the best possible care.

He or she must make himself or herself readily-accessible and have helpful staff who can assist patients with any concerns.

4. Provides quality treatments at reasonable prices

A trusted aesthetic doctor is someone who considers not only your medical concerns and desired outcomes but also your budget. He or she should be able to provide safe and quality treatments at reasonable prices.

Thus, you can feel more beautiful and be more confident without breaking the bank.


Not all aesthetic doctors are created equal. Finding the one who’ll help you address your needs requires time and effort. So, when looking for a trusted aesthetic doctor in Singapore, simply remember these qualities so you can easily find the right one for you.